Japanese Sake and European Food Experiences


UKiYO Republic, was founded in July 2017 by Chef Franco Concli and spirits & sake specialists Kasia Hitchcock.

It is a creative platform exploring common elements of both Japanese and European cultures. 

From Japanese Sake through European food experiences. . . and Art.

UKiYO in Japanese translates as 浮世, "Floating World" and describes the pleasure-seeking aspects of urban lifestyle.

Republic derives from latin “respublica” - the sate in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives. 

It also relates to the importance of equality and overall balance among group of elements, such as: ingredients, sake, producers,  us - "western messengers" and consumers. 

In collaboration with Sway Gallery and Japanese Concept Shop, we proudly support Japan inspired art exhibitions.

Sway Gallery ( Old Street, London) frequently hosts unique dinning experiences, where beautiful parings of Japanese sake and European cuisine, can be explored in a surrounding of Japanese art.

UKIYO'S latest projects include:  

The Sparrows  - Spätzle and continental pasta cafe/ restaurant offering a variety of Central European pasta and dumplings, currently relocating to 16 Red Bank,  Manchester M44HF [ due to reopen February 2020] 

Our on line  Japanese sake store "Suzume" will be launched January 2020. 

Please keep in touch  . . . and keep drinking Japanese Sake! Kanpai ! 

Franco & Kasia