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NIHONSHU [ Japanese alcoholic drink] is the most accurate term for what the rest of the World call SAKE [ sak-eh].  

 The gift of the Gods and over 2000 years long - true heritage of Japanese Culture. 

Made from fermented rice, water, yeast and koji mold [Aspergilus oryzae]. 

Fermented like beer, with appearance of the wine and often served in small vessels [ochoko] like spirits. 

Its unique parallel and simultaneous process of fermentation makes sake category on it its own rights. 

 Since 2015, in keeping with recent efforts to elevate the value of Japanese agricultural products and to promote agricultural exports overseas, “Japanese sake” / nihonshu / 日本酒 was given a Geographical Indication (GI) 

There are estimated 1600 Japanese sake breweries currently in existence, mostly producing for the domestic market. Yet recent years soaring export, proves that sake takes its more permanent place on European drink menus. UKiYO Republic takes a great pride and pleasure to introduce our new Japanese Sake Portfolio,
offering quality, traditional flavours, as well as western palate friendly sake. 
Working directly with the producers, allow us also, to maintain affordable prices. 
UKiYO Republic proudly reperesents :
Kuncho Shuzo, Oita www.kuncho.com [ all brands]
Watanabe Shuzoten, Gifu www.watanabeshuzouten.com
[ Komachi Sakura brand and Codys sake range ]
Morikuni Sake Brewery, Kagawa www.morikuni.jp [ all brands]
Eigashima Shuzo Co. Ltd / Hyogo  -www.ei-sake.jp Shiratama Umeshu only

Please take time to find more about the producers and to enjoy our selection. 
Kanpai !

Franco Concli