UKIYO'S latest project  PASTA WORKS [ European Dumplings Club] pop up restaurant and catering service set to 

explore a variety of flavours and textures of hand made pasta and dumplings, 

representing European culinary heritage of Russia, Georgia, Poland, Italy, Germany and Britain!

Meaty, Vegetarian and Vegan.

Traditional with a modern twist.  

Enhanced by refreshing flavour of Japanese Yuzu and depth of Umami.

Totally heart warming and delicious.

Please follow our social media and events page for the current location and upcoming projects. 

Instagram : ur_dumpling00

Facebook: @pastaworksUKIYO

"As a residents of Blackheath and Greenwich for over 15 years, it was our dream to introduce great variety of traditional European dumplings to our very cosmopolitan neighbourhood. Our menu should provide comforts to all customers. From hand made pasta and dumplings,through vegetarian and vegan options, fresh salads and delivered each week from Puglia -  delicious burrata." Franco Concli - Head Chef 

"The drinks menu includes rice beer by East Londons Signature Brew, as well as Japanese Sake 

and  some very special sake cocktails." Kasia Hitchcock, project manager 

Russian Pelimeni & Yuzu marinated Borlotti bean salad